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Robin product roadmap
Robin product roadmap
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The development of Robin is based on feedback and insights from schools and trusts.

Here you can see the feature ideas in our backlog, and the things we're currently working on. If you've got comments on any of these, or better ideas, please let us know on [email protected]

Alongside these features, we are always working on the quality and accuracy of the Robin analysis. You can help us by using the πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž feedback buttons within the Robin app, especially where you see any inaccurate outputs.

Feature roadmap


Working on

Recently completed

Include the Trust website in compliance checks and policy reviews

General improvements to the compliance and policy reports

Website compliance report

Allow Schools and Trusts to add their own website requirements and expectations

Improved analysis of unusual websites and document types

History view of policy and compliance reviews

Expert reviews of policies

Account admin features

Sidebar navigation to move between reports

Website accessibility and quality checks

Policy comparison, including how model policies have been adapted

Amber ratings for policies or compliance information that are a borderline judgement

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